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repackage of Bouncy Castle for Android

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The Android platform unfortunately ships with a cut-down version of Bouncy Castle - as well as being crippled, it also makes installing an updated version of the libraries difficult due to classloader conflicts.

Spongy Castle is the stock Bouncy Castle libraries with a couple of small changes to make it work on Android:


Spongy Castle artifacts are published on Maven Central. Use Gradle or the android-maven-plugin to make the most of this, or click the jar links below - make sure you include all dependencies:

Using Spongy Castle

Register it just like the standard BouncyCastleProvider, but use insertProviderAt() rather than addProvider(), to ensure that Spongy Castle is used in preference to any other security provider on the device:

static {
    Security.insertProviderAt(new org.spongycastle.jce.provider.BouncyCastleProvider(), 1);

There's an example of Spongy Castle in active use in the ToyAuthAgentService of the toy-android-ssh-agent project. There's also an even simpler demo Eclipse project showing how to include Spongy Castle in a vanilla Eclipse project.


Spongy Castle uses the same adaptation of the MIT X11 License as Bouncy Castle.

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